Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snow White Graphic Novel

Snow White: The Graphic Novel. Written by Martin Powell, Illustrated by Erik Valdez Y Alanis

From the Amazon Product Description:

Once upon a time, an evil queen possessed a powerful mirror. It spoke only the truth. But when the mirror reveals that the queen is no longer the fairest in the land, her heart grows cold. She seeks revenge against a beautiful maiden, Snow White.

This and all images below copyright 2009 Stone Arch Books.

Product Details:

* Reading level: Ages 9-12
* Paperback: 33 pages
* Publisher: Stone Arch Books (January 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1434213943
* ISBN-13: 978-1434213945

Flash Review:

It's obvious from this blog that I am partial to Walt Disney's interpretation of the Snow White story as well as the Studio's tone of animation artwork from that era. However, I am always open to other versions of the fairytale as well.

This one adds a few new twists such as the Prince (named Marco) being imprisoned by the Evil Queen inside the magic mirror, Snow White being unrelated and unknown to the Queen until the mirror reveals the news about her beauty, and the Dwarfs who live in a cave rather than a cottage.

The full-color illustrations are certainly stylized in the graphic novel approach; the Dwarfs look like some kind of anime morph of elves and aliens. The storytelling is geared for young readers of comic books and unfortunately leaves a little something to be desired in depth and character. Yet, overall the read might be an enjoyable one for the target audience for which it is designed.

More images from the graphic novel available at Google books.

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  1. This one is on my wish list. I have read a few of the other fairy tale GNs by Graphic Spin and they have ranged from somewhat lacking to really impressive... sometimes even in the same book! This looks like it holds with that trend. Thanks for sharing!

    Just from the few pictures that you have here, the poses certainly are entertainingly unnatural. Particularly the prince in the last image: he looks like he is posing his body for the camera even as he is pretending to focus on Snow White rather than himself. Or maybe he is focusing on her, asking her if she appreciates how pretty he is. The superhero-costume-tight clothes do not really help. ;-)