Thursday, October 28, 2010

Antithetical Snow White - The Vampire Princess

The plenitude of Snow White fan art available today is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Walt's creative vision. However, he probably never envisioned her as a blood-sucking creature of the night. With Halloween only a few nights away, the vampire princess is beginning to stir.

Eerily Gothic is the approach of the Dark Princess series by deviantArtist Laura Ambros a.k.a. ClaireBeauchamp.

Dark Princess: Snow White, Photoshop. Copyright Laura Ambros. Creative Commons License.


Australian artist Courtney Brims' interpretation of Snow White.
Her drawings are influenced by Victoriana, ghost stories, old photographs, daydreams and nightmares. Working with pencils, Courtney creates dreamy worlds of lost girls and bewildering creatures, focusing on the beauty of nature and its dominance over time. Source:

Snow White, pencil drawing. Copyright Courtney Brims.


The pencil work of deviantArtist treznorspants.

Vampiress Snow White, colored pencil. Copyright treznorspants.


Amy Mebberson's Goth Snow White from her deviantArt Disney gallery.
I am a former animation artist for Disney and LAIKA. I paid my dues with 2 graphic novels for Tokyopop and I now draw Pixar and Muppet comics for Boom Studios. From Mebberson's My Blue Sky blog.
Goth Snow White. Copyright Amy Mebberson. Used with permission.


From the Twisted Princess series of character designer/story artist Jeffrey Thomas.

Twisted Princess: Snow White. Copyright Jeffrey Thomas. Used with permission.

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  1. I think I prefer Snow White as sweet and a fan of the light! I've added you as a link on my blog and I'm following yours. Feel free to do the same!