Friday, December 10, 2010

1966/1968 UK 'Snow White' Read-Along Record LLP 310 (Jean Aubrey)

In a previous Archive entry, we saw the 1966 US-released Snow White "read-along" record narrated by Robie Lester (Disneyland Record no. LLP 310). The same cover artwork, story, and 24-page book were issued in the United Kingdom. However, a new recording was made featuring native speaker Jean Aubrey. We don't have this disc in our collection, however, so the details here are not as clear as we'd like.

In the US version, Robie Lester was credited on the disc labels but not on the album covers. When we look at the back cover of the 1966 UK counterpart, Lester is mentioned (not Aubrey) as the Disneyland Story Reader. Was her recording issued in the United Kingdom? Without having yet heard the record, we aren't quite sure.

The first UK edition included a 1966 copyright on both front and back. The album cover and book were printed in Holland.

The title page does not mention the name of the Story Reader.

The blue disc labels with silver lettering were printed in Great Britain. Different variations have been found. This set is dated 1966 but does not credit the narrator.

Another set of blue labels clearly notes Jean Aubrey as the Disneyland Story Reader. Yet no copy right date is given.

This third example included both Jean Aubrey's name and a 1966 date.

The record was reissued in 1968. The front cover still included the same 1966 imprint, but the rear now had a '68 copyright. Printed in England by Upton Printing Group.

Jean Aubrey is named on the title page.

Both blue and purple labels with silver lettering have been seen. Jean Aubrey credit with 1966 copyright.

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