Friday, June 17, 2011

WDCC "Enchanted Places" Wishing Well, 1997

Released as part of the "Enchanted Places" series , Snow White's Wishing Well was created by concept artist Larry Nikolai and was released in September of 1997. The 7" tall WDCC figurine is detailed with a real rope threaded through a metal pulley and is attached to a metal handled bucket. Glistening clear water is made from resin. The doves are also individually added to the sculpture. The piece retailed for $160 (USD) and was retired in March 2000. 
Info courtesy of Duckman's WDCC Inside Report.

Stock image copyright Disney.
Product Item Number: 11K-41248-0 (Old)/1028715 (Current)

Image via shipshoponline.

Video posted by The Collection Shop.

Ad slicks created by Laura Zinkan.


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  3. Wow! now thats what I call a fantastic fetish! :) Seriously love your blog and your filmmaker point of view is obvious throughout. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you!