Thursday, September 1, 2011

French-Language Math Book, 1997

Jouons avec les chiffres (or Playing With Numbers) is copyrighted 1996 by Phidal (based in Montreal) and 1997 by Disney. This Snow White-themed math book was sold in Belgium and probably other French-speaking countries too. Designed for ages 4 and older, it helps parents teach their children about rudimentary arithmetic through the use of stickers that are pictured with numbers, animals and characters from the film.

The 16 pages are illustrated with images of Snow White, the Dwarfs and her forest animal friends. It's good to see that the Queen and Witch made it onto a page as well. The Prince shares one sticker with the Princess.

Front cover...


The introduction to the book roughly translates as the following:
This sticker book, created for kids of 4 years and older offers simple and fun activities that will help your child learn with numbers. Moreover, this practical book and its re-usable stickers can be used in many other ways. After having completed all of the book games, your child can create his/her own story with the stickers on the last page.

The re-useable stickers didn't really work, however. Once they were placed on the math exercise pages, they tended not to come off.

Learning to count...

Additional pages included addition, subtraction, and counting activities, plus a make your own story page.

Back cover...

All illustrations copyright Phidal/Disney.

Book images and information courtesy of Alexandre Milazzo.


  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs definitely would have made math more fun at this age!

  2. Ha, you put it :))
    I'll send you a mail for other items soon !