Wednesday, November 9, 2011

British and Italian Quads (50th Anniversary - 1987)

Unlike the "Pretty in Pink" look of the North American theatrical one-sheet and standee, the 50th Anniversary "quads" from the United Kingdom show Snow in her original color scheme of yellow, blue and red. Both of these 1987 re-release posters measures 40" x 30".

A hard-to-find "Meet the Characters" quad...

UK 50th Quads Images via Oscars-The Collectable Emporium.


Two '87 re-release posters from Italy.

Italian 50th Posters. Images via disneylicious. Used with permission.


  1. I definitely favorite the "meet the characters" sheet !

    ..and hey Buddy, I have dedicated a blogpost to you, please take a look at the dwarf figurine, I thought you'd be able to recognize it, and tell me something about it and where it might come from. :-)


  2. Thanks h.Emiru! I'll pop right over and see what you got.