Friday, November 25, 2011

Life Magazine (50th Anniversary - 1987)

The April 1987 "special issue" of LIFE Magazine was dedicated to Hollywood and the movies. The bottom front cover read...

"James Bond at 25, Snow White at 50, Hollywood at 100"

The 4-page Snow White article highlights some anecdotes from the making of the film and supplies some nice images of the deleted scene drawings.

The Table of Contents shows a preliminary Snow White sketch of the soup-eating scene...

Table of Contents

Featured article...

Later in the magazine was this advertisement for the re-release of the 15 Languages and 60 Countries.


  1. Love these kind of articles ! Thank you ! :)

  2. You are welcome Alexandre. I like magazine articles on Snow White too. You never know what new little tidbit you might pick up about the film.

  3. Boy, Snow's face sure changes, doesn't it? How do they get away with that?