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"Animators of Film and Television" Book

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Author Noell Wolfgram Evans is a playwright, animation historian, and two-time winner of the Thurber Treat award. Although he may work by day as a creator of theater, he's always had an interest in animation.

From an email correspondence with Noell...
I started a few years ago exploring various animators and films for on-line and print publications.

As I wrote I became intrigued at the through-line from "classic" animation to today's popular culture. The closer you look at say some of the great Warner Brothers cartoons or the design work of the late 40s/early 50s modernists, you start to see some of the roots of how we look and laugh at things today.

So I wanted to explore that a little further and I also wanted to share the stories of the people who were really doing the day to day work of creating these shorts, bringing such joy into our lives and truly influencing much of what we think about, from an entertainment standpoint, today.

Author Noell Wolfgram Evans

Published in 2011, Animators of Film and Television takes a good look at 19 influential animators, directors, and writers from this past century who affected animation and in turn, our culture.

Sample Pages via amazon.com

Of specific interest to Snow White enthusiasts are the chapters on Art Babbitt, Joe Grant and John Hubley. The three were employed at the Disney Studio in the mid 1930s during the creation of Walt's first feature film. They worked for the Mouse, but it wasn't all princesses and fairytales. Not all animators were looked upon proportionately to the work they produced. This smartly written book tells it like it was without the fluff. An interesting read for anyone desiring to delve deeper into the history of animation.

Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-4832-6
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-7864-8603-8
Publisher: McFarland, 2011
Format: Softcover, 228 pages

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