Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow White Mardi Gras Pins

Released by Disney Auctions on September 6, 2004, this Snow White Mardi Gras pin is a limited edition of 500. Approximately 2.5" tall. Original retail price $12.00 (USD).

Limited editions of Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle also appeared in the series.


Mardi Gras Dopey was issued by Disney on February 5, 2007. It sold online for $12.95 (USD). The 2" cloisonné is a limited edition of 250 and one in a series of other Disney character masquerade pins.


  1. "Snow White dressed up for Mardi Gras has been spotted near New Orlean Square at Disneyland" .It's not true, but it could have been :-) .

    Thank you for the discovery!

  2. DSK-- That's a great idea! During the Carnival season, the theme park princesses would look pretty cool dressed in "masquerade" Mardi Gras garb. :)

  3. Connie-- I agree. Disney Auctions did produce some of the more stunning pins out there.