Saturday, March 10, 2012

1938 "2 Large Puzzles In This Box", Whitman No. 3054

Box image via Heritage Auctions.

This "2 Large Puzzles In This Box" set came with not one, but yes, two complete Snow White puzzles inside. The small print on the box reads: "Copyright 1938 By Walt Disney Enterprises, Hollywood, Calif. No. 3054, Made in U.S.A., Whitman Publishing Company." The box measure approximately 10.5" x 7.5" x 1"; 48 pieces per puzzle.

It's interesting to note that depending upon which set you purchased, the puzzles inside the box may have or may not have matched the outside cover illustration. In this example, the puzzle scenes do not. The first is of Snow White in an all yellow dress as she gathers a bouquet of wildflowers by the forest edge; the Huntsman looks on...

The second is one of the Dwarfs washing up before dinner...


Another "2 Large Puzzles In This Box" was also produced. The small print on the box is identical to that above. This cover illustration for this set does represent one of the puzzles inside.

Box Cover courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic.

The first is of the "Silly Song" scene with Snow White clapping while the Dwarfs play music. The second is Snow White awakening to discover the Dwarfs in the room....

Collector Rick Payne also has this set which contains the "Silly Song" illustration. However, the second puzzle in his box is of an entirely different scene with Snow White looking down from the balcony...

Could there have been even more puzzle variations produced for these sets? Possibly. Both of these boxes pop up from time to time on ebay and other online seller sites. I'll report back if any new scenes are discovered.


  1. Wow, so Whitman toys were around even back then! At what point did Snow White change out of that all yellow dress? ;-)

  2. Whitman was there almost from the beginning of Disney. Over the next year, I'll be posting quite few SW items produced by Whitman and/or Western (same company).

    Yeah, what's with the yellow dress? Actually, it looks as if this puzzle illustration might have come from one of early concept drawings for the film.

  3. The first box image is the exact same one used on a Snow White coloring book I have, also from 1938. I'm not sure it's Whitman, but they might have just reused the image.

  4. Aubrey-- If you have scans of your coloring book..the front and back covers, plus a few pages inside, I'd love to post them. Credit and a link going to you of course. :)