Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pizzetta Advertisement and the Missing Dwarf

Think twice before you take the last slice. An unusual Pizzetta ad campaign from South Africa featuring Snow White and the Six Dwarfs. Apparently, the seventh dwarf took "the last slice" and he's no more. Did one of the other dwarfs bump him off because the pizza was gone? It's difficult to say.

Image via Ads of the World.

Think twice before you take the last slice.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Durban, South Africa
Creative Director: Christo Nel
Art Director: Robyn Cook
Copywriters: Christo Nel, Liza Kleinloog
Illustrators: Steven Fellmore, Cliff Brown
Published: June 2009

Two more ads from the same campaign. Both Juliet and Louise must have been guilty of eating the last slice as well...


  1. Too, too funny! At first I thought you made these up, since it's April Fool's Day and all.....but now I can't tell! Are these real ads for a real pizza company?

  2. I thought this would be a good post for April Fools Day since these don't seem real. But in fact, they are authentic ads for a pizza company. Not sure, though, how effective they were in drumming up new business.