Saturday, April 14, 2012

Squeeze Toy Sets

Stock image via Disney Store.

This 2011 Seven Dwarfs Squeeze Toy Set was sold at the theme parks and online at the Disney Store. The PVC figures stand approximately 5" tall and comes in a zippered plastic carrying case. Promoted as "squeezable toys ideal for the beach, pool or bath," the collection sold for $15.95 (USD) at WDW (February); $17.95 online (May).

Bottom of each figure reads "© Disney Made in China."

Images shot at WDW.


Also available was a 6-piece Fairy Tale Friends set featuring Snow White and the princess gang. Like the set above, the 5" PVC figures were sold at the theme parks and online at the Disney Store. Retail $17.95.


  1. How do they breathe in those plastic carrying cases??

  2. The Seven Dwarfs look pretty good, but what happened to Snow White and the other princesses? Maybe somebody squeezed them too hard?

  3. I was just going to say that, TokyoMagic!

  4. You guys are hilarious! :) Brian, it certainly looks like those poor dwarfs are gasping for air."Someone let us outta here!" And Tokyo and Freak, good point. What the heck happened to the princesses? One too many squeezes by the 5 year old...or maybe the family dog. :)