Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Enchanted Princess" Doll

Mattel produced the Snow White Enchanted Princess back in the year 2000. The 12" vinyl doll came with a stand and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Mattel Catalog #27048

Doll images from personal collection.

An advertisement for the doll appeared in magazines that same year...

Magazine Ad via adz4you.


  1. She's much better dressed than in the movie... But I guess that was back in the days of the depression, Miss W's probably got a few more pennies these days – her share in that diamond mine must be worth a bit...

    Anyway, in case you haven't seen them there are a couple of interesting SW&7D items in this auction.

    1. Yes, financially, she's doing much better these days. Good investments, a nice savings, and easy access to loads of precious gems and diamonds. ;)

      Thanks for the heads up on the auctions. Haven't visited their site for a while, but they always have some great SW items.