Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School Valentine Cards by Cleo

The memory of Valentine's Day classroom parties in elementary school is actually a fond one for me. The teacher would pass out candy and all of us young tikes would exchange cards with everyone else. For a shy kid, it was probably the only time I actually spoke to girls back then.

In the mid to late 1990s, a number of Disney school valentine cards, including several Snow White collections, were manufactured and distributed by Cleo Inc. of Memphis, TN. They came in a variety of boxes with 32 to 38 cards each

34 cards + 48 stickers; item no. 8480201-790.

32 cards; item no. 350-8018.

32 cards; item no. 350-7522.

38 cards; item no. 350-7509.

32 cards; item no. 350-7556.

32 cards; item no. 350-7547.

38 cards; item no. 350-8019.

Smaller packages were issued too. 15 cards; item no. 60-0234.


Snow White collector Elana Sperber was going through some storage in her garage recently and came across several of the Snow White cards. These particular ones were purchased in 1996-97.

Each set also included one teacher card. "Teacher, You've got it all!"

Card scans courtesy of the Elana Sperber Collection. 

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