Saturday, May 4, 2013

1948 Austrian Movie Theatre Program

Illustrierter Film-Kurier was a film guide published in Vienna. This Snow White edition dates from 1948 and corresponds with the picture's Austrian release on June 25th of that year. Includes a total of four pages with dramatic illustrations throughout.

Front cover.

Pages 2-3. Film synopsis in German text.

Schneewittchen und die Sieben Zwerge appears to have been distributed via Atlantic-Film of Sweden.

Back cover.

The text at the bottom translates approximately to...
Illustrated Movie-Messenger
Journal for the cinema audience / Appears at least 4 times a month
No. 470 - June - 1948
Image scans courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.


  1. Seems a shame to print this in black and white, when the movie is so famous for its beautiful color. Still, a neat item!

    1. You make a good point Major. Still, there is something about B&W that brings out the wonderfully menacing side of the film.