Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snow White at RKO Keith's Theatre, 1938

From collector Rick Payne comes this original photograph of the RKO Keith's Theatre in Dayton, Ohio during the 1938 showing of Snow White.

The photo is interesting for several reasons. Here's Rick's observations...
The line of people waiting to get in wraps completely around the corner of the building despite the inclement weather. You can see that there are some kids in line, but most of those waiting appear to be adults. It's a daytime showing and I don't know the day or date - weekday or weekend? There's a theatre exit on the right side of the building with a Snow White marquee.

Also, a Snow White horizontal fabric banner hangs under the main entrance marque, but unfortunately, it's mostly hidden from our view.

In another photo of Keith's, a similar hanging banner is seen for the Mickey Mouse cartoon "HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY".

Images and info courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic.

That's quite a crew of ushers; those were the days!


  1. Yes, spiffy presentation in those days; and adult admission to the movies averaged 25 cents during the 30s --- around $4 today. It was great to see "Snow White" at the Hollywood El Capitan theatre a few years ago, some of that vintage movie going glamour was back.

    1. Yes the El Capitan has character. I could go for those 25¢ admission fees again. ;)