Thursday, July 25, 2013

1962 French TV Guide

In 1962, only one television network existed in France, the state-operated RTF--Radio-Télédiffusion-Française--yet there were many different TV Guides to choose from. This one is Télé Magazine No. 374 from the week of December 23-29. Featured on the cover is an image of Snow White peering through the dwarfs' cottage window.

The magazine would have been sold throughout France and along the border in other French-speaking countries where the RTF signal could be picked up. Price: 1 NF (French New Franc), 15 FB (Belgian Franc), 1,30 FS (Swiss Franc).

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was re-released to French theatres on December 12, 1962. In celebration of its return, several television "specials" were scheduled to air. The small box on page 2 explains what these are, though not in much detail. It only states that some shows are for adults, others for kids and that Snow White should be interesting for both.

This 1962 reissue of the film was extra special because it included a totally redubbed French soundtrack. Disney employed Lucie Dolène to be the new voice of Snow White. In addition, she also recorded her own versions of the songs to a 45 with Caravelli and His Magic Violins. (Visit the earlier post to hear a short excerpt from the record.)

The first Snow White TV event would include Lucie Dolène. On Sunday the 23rd at 2.30 pm (14:30), during the Télé dimanche show, Lucie would sing her Snow White songs with Caravelli and his violins.

On page 42, there is an ad for the other Caravelli Snow White record, sans Lucie Dolène. (See previous Archive entry.)

On Thursday (Jeudi), December 27th at 12:30 pm, the La Séquence du Jeune Spectateur (Young Spectator Sequence) show ran short excerpts from Snow White along with clips from the Romy Schneider movie, Un Petit coin de paradis. No more details were given other than an announcement for the return of Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains to Parisian screens.

On page 48 is an ad for the adaptation of the Snow White comic strip which was first published in newspapers in America. This French version would appear weekly in “Le Journal de Mickey” (Mickey’s Newspaper).

Page 55: French TV personality and Snow White enthusiast, Pierre Tchernia, appeared at 8:30 pm for 15 minutes after the evening news. He hosted a Blanche-Neige special where he shared why this was his favorite film.

Info and image scans generously supplied by Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

1962 was a big year for Snow White in France; there were probably plenty more sneak peeks at the film on various TV shows.


  1. I wonder if Lucie Dolene had a certain level of fame based on her voice work in one of the most beloved films of all time?

    1. She really did, and she's still alive today, living in France.