Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kit Kat White Chocolate Art

The Kit Kat milk chocolate bar is sold worldwide, and for a limited time, they were available in white chocolate. This past April in Australia and New Zealand, the brand commemorated this specialty run in a memorable way. Illustrator Mike Watt was commissioned to create 50 "posters" made from the melted chocolate of the last 50 white Kit Kats.

Watt first shaved and crushed the bars into small fragments, which were melted down. He then painted the liquid chocolate onto red blank canvases. After the candy had re-hardened, the details were etched into the designs.

At work in his studio...

Only one Disney character was included among the 50 designs. Guess who!

Watch this video of Watt in his studio...

Video and images via the Kit Kat facebook page.

See Snow White and the rest of the 50 posters on the Kit Kat facebook page.


  1. Wow these are absolutely beautiful. Especially the Snow White one, although my Disney obsession may be making me slightly biased ;)

    Caged Canary - Live The Fairytale

  2. What a kooky idea. Meanwhile I want to try a white chocolate Kit Kat!

    1. I think the only way you'll be able to sample the white chocolate is to eat one of the posters. There's a nice image of an igloo that looks kinda tasty. ;)