Friday, December 6, 2013

2007 Apple Ornament with Heart Box

Stock images copyright Disney.

Designed by Steve Thompson, this Snow White apple ornament sparkles with encrusted Swarovski stones. Sold exclusively by the Disney Store back in 2007, the piece came inside the Evil Queen's velvet-lined heart box. Glass ornament measures 2.5'' in diameter; resin box is 5.5'' x 4.5" and stands 4.5'' high.

It originally retailed for $39.50, but collector Hall of Cute was able to pick it up for just $9.99 when it went on clearance that year.

An ornament year tag for 2007 is attached to the apple. The old Disney Store logo is seen on reverse side.

Additional pics provided by Hall of Cute.

A similar Pirates of the Caribbean boxed ornament was also available at the time.


  1. woohoo post! I purchased the Pirates boxed ornament at the same time I purchased the SW ornament. It was a BOGO deal at the time. I got both for 9.99. It might be at my parents' house still. I have to look for it. I wish they would re-release some of these ornaments again!

    1. They are cool. And what a deal you got! Thanks for the pics! :)