Thursday, December 5, 2013

More Grumpy Tees & Tops 2012-2013

Long Sleeve Grumpy Tee for Men. 100% cotton. Part of the Vintage Disney Collection; woven label at hem. Appeared on in August 2012. Retail $34.50.

Item No. 2001047570657M.

All images copyright Disney Store (unless otherwise noted).

"Grumpy and Proud of it" seen at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, July 2012.

WDW photo copyright Dirk Wallen via WDW News Today.

Also from Disneyland in 2012, "Grumpy All Over" tee and "Don't Be So Dopey" hoodie.

Images courtesy of TokyoMagic! of Meet the World.

Grumpy 24-7 Tees for Men. Disney Store 2013. Blue striped $19.50. Brown $22.95.

Item No. 5701047785262M + 5701047785324M.

Grumpy Tee for Adults. Walt Disney World and Disneyland. 100% cotton. Seen online October 2013 at Disney Store. Price $24.95.

Item No. 7505055880097M.

2013 Long Sleeve Thermal Tee for Men. "Being Grumpy is my Nature." $19.95.

Item No. 5712047575368M.

Grumpy Letters. Another created for Walt Disney World but also seen online in June 2013. 100% cotton. $24.95.

Item No. 7505002529942M

"I'm not Grumpy" tee. DL version spotted at World of Disney store in October 2013. WDW seen online June 2013. Both 100% cotton. $24.95 each.

DL shirt courtesy of TokyoMagic! of Meet the World. Disney Store Item No. 7505002529903M.

UPDATE: As of February 2017, the tee shirt is still available at both parks for the same price. A pin was released with this design on June 19, 2014 for $8.95. It now retails for $9.99. Measures 1.8" wide.

Disney Store June 2013, "Give me a break!" 100% organic cotton. $19.95.

Item No. 5701047786360M.

"I'm Grumpy Because You're Happy," online June 2013. 100% organic cotton. $19.95.

Item No. 5701047786361M., September 2012. "Nice Guys Finish Last." Brown $16.50 or Gray $18.50 (plus size). 100% organic cotton.

Item No. 5701047784955M + 5701047784979M.

Oct 2013, "Grumpy Men Rule" tee. 100% organic cotton. $19.95.

Item No. 5701047785434M.

Still more tees and tops from Disneyland's World of Disney store, October 2013.

At the parks in October...

Then online at the Disney Store in late November. Sweatshirt $39.95. Tee $24.95.

Item Nos. 7505055880248M + 7505055880247M.

A two-sided tee, Dopey on back pulling Grumpy's beard. 100% cotton. Seen at parks, October 2013. Original retail $24.95.

World of Disney photos courtesy of TokyoMagic! of Meet the World.

Then online in January 2014.

Disney Store Item No. 7505055880156M.

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  1. That's a whole lot of Grumpy! :-)

  2. "I'm not grumpy; I'm just surrounded by people who are too happy." That is absolutely brilliant, playing on the character and playing on "the happiest place on Earth." :-)