Saturday, February 22, 2014

2012 Snow White Magnetic Paper Dolls

This Snow White Magnetic Paper Doll set was purchased at Toys-R-Us in August 2012. Retail price $5.49. The shrink-wrapped package includes a tin container and a magnetic sheet of die-cut paper clothes, animals, and accessories.

It's a clever design with the Snow White and Prince "dolls" printed on the two sides of the tin container.

Once the clothes, animals, and accessories are removed from the sheet, they can be stored inside the container.

The magnetic pieces, of course, stick to the outside of the tin, giving Snow and the Prince their unique look.

Also inside the package is a perforated card with "Snow White's Chores," giving young ones things to do while traveling with their magnetic doll set.

Markings on the sides of the container indicate that it was manufactured by the Tin Box Co., Dongguan, China. Production date: 01/01/12. Distributed by Lee Publications of Louisville, Kentucky.

The set is seen here on display at Toys-R-Us in August 2012.

Images from the Filmic Light Collection.

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