Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1997/1999 Snow White Lawn Figures & Garden Accessories

Several Snow White-themed lawn and garden accessories were offered in the 1997 Early Spring Disney Catalog, including a cool-looking Dopey birdbath. Made of weather-resistant resin with an antique white finish, it stands 17.5" high. Retail $98.

Catalog scans courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

A companion piece was this Bashful garden statute. 13" tall. $49.

Page 6 from the catalog also featured the Snow White birdfeeder (seen in an earlier Archive entry), plus a set of eight resin plant markers. Page 7 included Snow White stepping stones and a Sleepy key hider. (Plus a cotton throw in another post.)

The plant markers, $20.

Resin stepping stones, $28 each.

Sleepy key keeper, $25.


The Bashful garden statue was seen again in the July 1999 Disney Catalog. There was also a Snow White birdhouse, herb markers, garden markers, and a dwarf birdbath.

1999 catalog scan courtesy of 1937fan from Whistle While We Blog.

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