Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Plate, 1975

Snow White "Mother's Day 1975" collector plate. The second in a series of nine Disney character plates, a new one released each year from 1974-1982. Limited edition; © Walt Disney Productions. Measures 7.5" in diameter. Manufactured by Schmid Bros., Inc. Made in Japan.

The piece belonged to something called the Disney Family Collector Series, though later plates in the collection would no longer refer to it as such.

Images via treasurehuntersales.

Original box...

This Schmid collection ended after the 1982 issue (which featured Mickey, Minnie and the two nephews--Ferdie and Morty). Then from 1993-2005, another series would be produced by Groiler Collectibles, Ltd., continuing the tradition of the Disney "Mother's Day" plates.

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