Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"My First Disney Princess" Snow White Doll

Doll manufacturer Jakks Pacific produced a line of toddler dolls called My First Disney Princess. They were initially released in 2009, but different versions have been issued in different years. Snow White was just one of several princesses represented in the collection. The vinyl doll stands 15" tall.

Stock images copyright Disney.

An early edition featured Snow in a plain satin yellow skirt (left). In 2012, she wore a flower-patterned overlay (right).

It was retailing for $18.99 on the shelves at Target in October 2012.

Another incarnation--red puffed shoulders.

Snow with a silhouette-patterned skirt is currently online at Target. It was $20.99, now down to $17.99. Available at other stores too.

Another doll, another dress--part of the Snow White's Picnic Party set, which also included various toy picnicking accessories. A red bow replaced the tiara.

In additional, there was a Snow White's Royal Sleepwear outfit sold separately.

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  1. These dolls are adorable, but guess what I just found?


    I know that this might not be the entirely proper place for this information, but Grumpy and his brothers were released by Mattel during 2009, and the reason that I'm talking about them is that their boxes were the pink, glittery Disney Princess boxes, too! Each dwarf was about 5 inches tall, and I think that their arms were movable, and that you might have been able to change all of their clothing, but I'm not sure about very much, with regards to these dolls. They show up on American, Canadian, and U.K. eBay sites, so I don't even know exactly where they were released. I never saw them in any stores during 2009; all that I could seem to find was that Sparkling Snow White doll, who arrived with seven all-plastic dwarf figures that weren't dolls.

    I'm sure wishing that I had them, though, 'cause, believe it or not, I'm starting to like them more than the Simba versions....maybe....They're so darned cool!