Tuesday, February 3, 2015

1967 Snow White Punchout Dolls, Whitman No. 4736

In 1967, a Snow White "Play Fun" boxed set (No. 4736:1.00) was manufactured by Whitman (Western Publishing and Lithographing Co.) in Racine, Wisconsin. For ages 4 to 9.

It included 21 "punchout" paperboard dolls: Snow White, the Prince, Evil Queen, Old Hag, Huntsman, all Seven Dwarfs, and several forest animals. The artwork has a fresh, yet vintage look.

A large sheet of folded paper with graphics on it acts as the forest setting. Crayons were included for coloring it.

There are also 17 pieces used to construct the Seven Dwarfs cottage, a castle, bridge and trees.

Original box.


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