Monday, February 23, 2015

Fisher-Price "Little People" Snow White Set

One of the dangers of letting people know you have an interest in all things Snow White is that they tend to believe you. And as a result, these are the kinds of gifts I get during the holidays--this one came from my wife's boss at a Christmas party a couple years ago. Don't get me wrong, I think this Fisher-Price "Little People" set is pretty cool, but it does feel a bit odd when I'm the only one opening preschool toys in a room full of adults.

The Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Little People set was sold in 2013, exclusively at Walmart and Intended for children 18 months to five years old. Made of PVC plastic. Figures measure about 3" tall. Original retail $20.

Stock images copyright FisherPrice/Disney.

The Little People set is compatible with Snow White's Cottage. It was sold separately but included a Snow figure and a Dopey (with lipstick on his forehead). Original retail $32.

Place a figure at the organ and it plays music.

Original box.

There was also a Disney Princess Songs Palace which came out in 2012. Snow White and Cinderella figures were included. Place Snow on the dance floor and she says her name and other phrases, plus sings her favorite tune, "Someday My Prince Will Come". With a total of 10 songs and 25 phrases included with the castle, any of the Little People princesses will function and play their own music. The dwarfs (and princes), however, only activate dance music. Original retail $55.

Dance floor spins.

Original box.

A Princess Figure Pack from 2012--seven in all--sold exclusively at Target stores. Other retailers offered the same princesses (and some princes) but in smaller sets of two. $7 per two-pack.

7-pack pics via

Castle demo via 2012 NYC Toy Fair...

Video posted by ToySpy.

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