Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dopey Postcards from Grafiche Biondetti

These Dopey postcards were published by Grafiche Biondetti of Verona, Italy. Standard modern continental size, 4" x 5.75". In the first one, he sports a pair of wiggly eyes. The back is postmarked 1983, placing the probable publication date to the early 1980s.

The postage is from the Netherlands and the postmark is in Dutch.

Images via catawiki.

Snow White expert, Nunziante Valoroso, believes the artwork appears to be that of Marco Rota, a Topolino magazine artist that continues even to this day to paint covers for Disney comics, as well as being the author of several stories with Mickey and Donald.

In another postcard, we see the same illustration, sans the plastic eyes.

Image via paperbunni.

Several Snow White postcards first published by Grafiche Biondetti in the 1960s can be seen in an earlier Archive entry.

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