Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1937 Snow White "Magic Doll"

The Snow White Magic Doll was made for the Canadian market by Somerville Paper Boxes. Copyright imprint "© 1937 W.D. Ent." Cardboard folder measures 9" x 13.5". On March 19, 2015, Hakes sold the set at auction for $115.00. From the Hakes description:
Cover opens to reveal storage area for 11" tall die-cut cardboard doll along with images of six different felt outfits: Raggedy Dress, Magic Grotto Dress, Dwarf's Cottage Dress, Magic Mirror Dress, Dream Castle Dress and Huntsman's Costume. Each outfit consists of multiple felt pieces.


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    1. We don't own it ourselves. It was seen for sale on ebay last year. It does pop up at online seller sites once in awhile, but it's kind of a rare one.