Friday, November 11, 2016

1954 Aimanto "Blanche Neige" Magnet Theatre Set

A vintage Blanche Neige magnet set from France, manufactured by Aimanto. Snow White and Dopey are pictured on the box cover. Dates fro 1954.

Metal background diorama. Measures 24.5 cm x 16 cm.

Magnet sets are housed in numbered envelopes, 1-3.

Inside the envelopes, metal sheets hold the figures in place. Dimensions: 14.6 cm x 10.6 cm.

The magnets include Snow White, the prince, dwarfs, witch, forest animals, and cottage.

The complete set on the background.

Magnet strips on the backs of the figures.

The collection also included a small booklet with a list of possible scenes to be created, coloring pages which show how the magnets can be placed on the background, and a diagram demonstrating how to stand the metal background upright.

"IMP. GELOT PARIS" in small print.

Additional images courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

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