Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow White 'Courtyard' Snowglobe & Pin - 2007

Snow White and the Prince meet for the first time while the Queen looks on from her tower window. The princess stands next to the Wishing Well inside the globe. Battery-powered blower moves glitter around. On/off switch underneath. Wind-up key on side, plays Ci Dalem La Mano La by Mozart. Resin and glass. Measures 10'' high x 8'' wide x 10'' deep. Online in 2007 at DisneyShopping.com. Original retail $99.95.

Additional info courtesy of Disney Snowglobe Collectors Guide.

In 2007, the first 500 customers to purchase the snowglobe also received a limited edition collectible pin.

It is similar to the 2004 Disney Auctions LE 500 Snow White Cameo Series pin, except the snowglobe edition has purple glitter for the background while the earlier pin does not.


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    1. There's been some interesting snowglobes produced over the years, yet this is certainly one of the nicer ones.