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1983 Le Journal de Mickey - Blanche Neige Comic

This Snow White comic strip was first published as a Sunday newspaper serial in the United States. It began on March 13, 1983 and ended 16 weeks late on June 26. It was written by Carl Fallberg with artwork by Richard Moore.

It was reprinted later that year in several other countries including France, where it was published in four parts by Hachette in Le Journal de Mickey. Each installment is spread across eight pages for a total of 32. Snow White or the dwarfs are pictured on the cover of each of the four issues.

  • No. 1639 - November 27, 1983. Part one of the comic begins as the movie does, with the Queen talking to her Magic Mirror. Snow White meets the Prince at the Wishing Well. The Queen sends the Huntsman out with the princess to kill her.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Hachette. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.


  • No. 1640 - December 4, 1983. Part two picks up with Snow White running through the dark forest. Her new animal friends lead her to the cottage where they clean it. The dwarfs arrive home with the princess asleep on their beds.

Sample pages.

An ad promotes a free Snow White poster in next week's magazine.


  • No. 1641 - December 11, 1983. In part three, the dwarfs discover Snow White. They eat, sing and dance together. The Queen turns herself into the Old Hag.

The free two-sided poster came with 12 self-adhesive stickers to fill in the white squares. With a total of 36 spaces, readers would need to purchase the next two issues of the magazine in order to get the rest of the stickers to complete the poster.

The opposite side is the movie poster design from the 1983 French re-release.


  • No. 1642 - December 18, 1983. Part four concludes the story with the Old Witch, poison apple, the dwarfs to the rescue, and the Prince's kiss.

Elsewhere in this issue, Doc share blueprints for constructing your own Seven Dwarfs' cottage.

Image scans and additional info courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

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