Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Schneewittchen in 1950 Neue Wiener Melange

Neue Wiener Melange was a periodical from Germany that called itself, 'the magazine of beautiful girls'. It's difficult to know who the target audience was for this publication, with its strange mix of film, fashion, and glamour, along with cheap episodic novels, poetry, history, science, sports--and its profusion of pictures of naked women all over the place (plus a few muscular scantily dressed men as well).

On the cover of the August 1950 issue, someone who resembles Joan Crawford is shown with a rather homely looking dog-print top. On the title page, we see a "farmer's daughter" type model. Maybe both photos might have appealed to German housewives of the era. Yet, set directly between these two pages, on the inside cover, is a third photo of a woman who is posing buck naked.

Add to this mix the fact that Snow White was given her own two-page centerfold spread. The result is quite an odd eclectic magazine.

Image scans and info courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

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