Sunday, June 11, 2017

1975 Snow White & Dwarfs Pin-Back Buttons

A collection of eight Snow White pin-back buttons. Includes the princess and the dwarfs. Each measures approximately 3.5" in diameter. "Copyright Walt Disney Productions." These were sold to theatres to be used in promotion of the 1975 re-release of the motion picture in the US.

The Doc button is mislabeled. His character is almost always shown wearing glasses, but none are pictured here. In addition, Sneezy is quite often depicted with his beard sticking straight out. So it appears that Sneezy is actually included on two buttons; Doc on none.

The buttons were sold in sets of eight on page 20 of the 1975 US pressbook. Minimum order 25 sets or $46.00. Produced by the Benay-Albee Novelty Company of Maspeth, NY.

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