Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 Sketchbook Ornaments & Pin

A Snow White Wishing Well sculpt was released at the Disney Store in mid June as part of their Sketchbook Ornament Collection celebrating ''Disney Storybook Classics''. Limited edition of 1100. Made of resin. Measures 3.5" high. Retail $19.95.

Item No. 6505045561700P.


A matching hinged storybook pin was also issued. Limited to 1100. Dimensions: 1.75'' H x 1.5'' W. Sold separately. Price $14.95.

Item No. 6505036281701P.

Stock images copyright Disney.


Another Snow White Sketchbook Ornament was listed online in mid-July. Resin with polyester skirt. Measures 5.25" high. Includes 2017 Disney Store logo charm. Retail $16.95. The figure is an identical match to the one that was released in 2013 except with a different dress design.

Item No. 6506048303359P.

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