Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bottle Caps from El Salvador

Circa 1970s, a series of Disney-themed bottle caps was issued in El Salvador by a soda brand named Embotelladora Tropical S.A.. They are quite similar to the Pepsi caps released in Mexico (seen in an earlier post), although the numbering system is different and the total number may have been less.

Blanca Nieves #21

Gruñón #24

Doc #25

Dormilón #27

Feliz #28

Tontin #39

Orange Crush and local sodas.

Images via xocoyote.

These are the caps we've found so far. If the collection is indeed like those issued in Mexico, then there would also be one for the Witch (Bruja), Sneezy (Estornudo), and Bashful (Tímido) as well as a host of other Disney characters.

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