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2001/2006 Dutch 'Sneeuwwitje' Soundtrack CD

The Dutch dub of the Snow White soundtrack was first recorded in 1938. It was redone in 1984, then again with a partial update in 1994. A compact disc of this latest version was released in 2001. It featured the Snow White speaking and singing voice of Bernadette Kraakman (1984 re-dub). The CD was printed in Germany and issued the Netherlands. Walt Disney Records. Catalog no. 0927-42518-2. Enhanced with a CD-Rom movie trailer.

Images courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

The compact disc was re-released in 2006 by EMI Records Ltd. Same recording but without the CD-Rom enhancement.

1984 Dutch cast:
  • Sneeuwwitje (Snow White) - Bernadette Kraakman
  • De boze koningin & De heks (Evil Queen & Witch) - Marlies van Alcmaer
  • ​Prins (Prince) - Robert Long
  • ​Doc - Jules Croiset
  • ​Giechel (Happy) - Wim T. Schippers
  • Bloosje (Bashful) - Paul Haenen
  • Niezel (Sneezy), Dommel (Sleepy), Verteller (Narrator) - Harrie Geelen
  • Grumpie (Grumpy), Stoetel (Dopey), ​De jager (Huntsman) - Coen Flink
  • Toverspiegel (Magic Mirror) - Hero Muller

​1992 update:
  • De boze koningin (Evil Queen) - Liz Snoyink
  • ​De heks (Witch) - Marjol Flore
  • Prins (Prince) - Marcel Reijans
  • Toverspiegel (Magic Mirror) - Lou Landré
  • De jager (Huntsman) - Cees van Oyen
  • Verteller (Narrator) - Carol van Herwijnen

Voice actor info via Charguigou.

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