Tuesday, October 17, 2017

1950s Snow White "Purple" Bread Labels

In the 1950s, Donald Duck Bread was popular with kids. Each loaf was issued with a collectible end label featuring a different Disney character. A Snow White series was produced with 16 separate purple-edge labels.

Further labels via gasolinealleyantiques.com

In the 1974 book, Disneyana by Munsey (p.261), there is an early 1950s photo of Walt Disney with a loaf of Donald Duck Bread. He's next to several Snow White cardboard store displays. If you look close at the largest standee, Snow White is holding a give-away premium.

This freebie was a poster (12" x 12") picturing the Seven Dwarfs' cottage (in the background) and the forest opening (foreground). It included 16 blank spaces. According to the instructions on the back, kids were to have their moms touch the end label with a lukewarm iron to slide it off of the bread wrapper. Then the child could cut the figure out and glue it in the proper space on the picture.

Listed in Hake's Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles (2nd edition, 2007, p.859).

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