Monday, November 6, 2017

1938 Freddie Rich Decca Record

Freddie Rich and His Orchestra perform songs from Snow White. Recorded in New York City January 24, 1938. Three disc set. Decca Records. Catalog no. 1631-1633. Format: 78 rpm, 10" shellac disc. Blue labels. Paper sleeves. 

No. 1631. Side A: Whistle While You Work (vocal chorus by The Clubmen); Side B: I'm Wishing (vocal chorus by The Clubmen)

Listen to Whistle While You Work at the Internet Archive.


No. 1632. Side A: Heigh-Ho (vocal chorus by The Clubmen); Side B: Some Day My Prince Will Come (vocal chorus by Sonny Schuyler)


No. 1633. Side A: With a Smile and a Song (vocal chorus by Sonny Schuyler); Side B: One Song (vocal chorus by Sonny Schuyler)

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