Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Disney Fine Art of Tim Rogerson

Inspired by the works of Degas, Picasso and Matisse, artist Tim Rogerson has added his own unique imprint to the world of Disney Fine Art. In 2009, he was named Official Artist for the D23 Expo where he created, “In The Company of Legends”. (See time-lapse video below.) The painting now resides in the Disney vault.

Rogerson was also the Official Artist of Epcot’s 2009 and 2010 International Food and Wine Festivals.

In the Company of Legends...

Below is a time-lapse video Tim made while painting his In the Company of Legends piece.
I just set up a camera in the corner of my studio and just pretended it wasn't there as I painted. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I have to say it came out really cool. You're seeing three weeks of painting in all of 2 minutes.

Video posted on Tim's youtube channel.


From his sketch book...

''Three for the Dance'' sketch (See 2016 update below)

Villains sketch


Tim talks about his Snow White piece (via email correspondence):

"The Enchantment of Snow White" was a big painting for me. Three years ago I decided to break away from painting traditional Disney art and started experimenting with interpretive styles eventually coming up with "Micasso".

After painting several single characters pieces, I decided to go large and try to retell an entire story with all characters and elements from the film all in one piece. I knew it was going to be a really tough risky piece to accomplish so I figured why not start with the Disney's first full-length feature film Snow White.

The hardest part is always the drawing and this particular piece took about 50 drawings to get right. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and each character and each element are your puzzle pieces. The pieces constantly change shapes, the composition is always evolving, and eventually all the pieces fit together perfectly. After the drawing is complete, all the hard work is done, and that's when the fun begins. All my work is painted in oils and it's pure bliss being able to watch these pieces come to life through brushstrokes of vibrant color.

After the success of "The Enchantment of Snow White" I decided to retell all the Disney feature films and in the order of their release date from Steamboat to Tangled. So far I've finished Steamboat Willie, Snow White, Pinocchio and Fantasia from's my biggest piece yet! Tim Rogerson

The Enchantment of Snow White

Hi Ho

See more of Tim's past and current work at his website, blog, and facebook pages.

Of Mice and Music (left), Maleficent's Fury (right)



Tim finished a new Snow White oil painting entitled "A Special Kiss".



"Three for the Dance" Giclée on Canvas. Limited Edition of 500. Printed with archival quality ink. Wood frame with linen liner. Part of the 'Disney Fine Art Silver Series. Image size: 20'' H x 16'' W. Framed size: 25 1/2'' H x 21 1/2'' W. Appeared online at the Disney Store in late May 2016. Retail $259.95.

Item No. 6811047991037P.


"'The Wishing Well'' Giclée on Canvas. Limited Edition of 500. Printed with archival quality ink. Wood frame with fabric liner. Part of the 'Disney Fine Art Silver Series. Image size: 16'' W x 20" H. Framed size: 24.5'' W x 20.5'' H. Appeared online at the Disney Store in late November 2016. Retail $259.95.

Item No. Item No. 6811047991163P.
Stock images copyright Disney. Others courtesy of Tim Rogerson.