Saturday, September 23, 2017

2009 Wade Porcelain Figures

A set of porcelain figurines produced by Wade of England in 2009. Ten figures in all. Approximate measurements: Prince 3.5", Snow White and Witch 3", Dwarfs 2". Each is marked Wade on side base.

The pieces do bare a resemblance to the Disney characters. However, this set was not licensed by the Disney Company. Thus the artwork needed to be different enough so as to not run into copyright issues. Nonetheless, we can still pretty much tell which dwarf corresponds to their Disney counterparts. From left to right: Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc.

A special limited edition of 50 gold-base sets was also produced.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Snow White Yujin Gashapon Figures & Toys

Gashapon (or gachapon) are tiny vending machine capsule toys sold in Japan. In the US, vending toys tend to be cheap and of a low-quality. Yet Japanese gashapon are just the opposite--with greater fine detailing. Many are made from high-grade PVC plastic. They cost more and are highly sought-after as collectable items.

The following Snow White gashapon were purchased directly from vending machines in Japan and come to us courtesy of the Cheryl Ridge Collection. They date from the late 1990s to early 2000s. The figures range in size from around 2 to 8 cm tall. This first set is by Tomy, the rest were produced by Yujin, now a subsidiary of Takara Tomy ARTS. In addition to the figures, lots of other capsule items have also been issued--tiny stationary, mugs, plates, towels.

  • Tomy Snow White Figure Collection. Set of eight.

  • Yujin Disney Character Figure Collection. A multi-set series with lots of characters. This is set no.6 which features eight mini figures including Snow White and Dopey. Each comes with a clear stackable and connectable display case.

  • Yujin Snow White Figurines. Set of eight. Larger and heavier than other Yujin series.

  • Yujin Snow White Mini Blister Pack Collection. Set of eight.

  • Yujin Seven Dwarfs Stationary Toys. Set of seven figures, tree sections, and stationary items. Happy/crayons, Sleepy/pencil, Dopey/sticky tape dispenser, Doc/magnets, Grumpy/pen, Sneezy/paper clips, Bashful/pencil sharpener. Individual log sections can be stacked to form a tree.

  • Yujin Disney Character Mini Mug Cups. Ceramic, not plastic. Snow White included in series. Two movie scenes on each. Set of 12 (11 pictured below).

  • Yujin Disney Character Mini Plates. Ceramic, not plastic. Snow White included in series. Set size unknown.

  • Yujin Disney Character Metal Plate Selection (keychains). Snow White included in series. Set of 10.

  • Yujin Disney Princess Mini Handkerchiefs. Set of six. Includes Snow White. Measure approximately 16 cm across.

  • Yujin Snow White. Series unknown. Measures 4 cm high.

See a 2014 gashapon series of Disney Princess statue figures in an earlier Archive entry. Also the Furuta Choco Egg Set and the Putitto Series.

Disney Putitto Gashapon Figures

Putitto are PVC plastic toys that decorate your drinking mugs and glasses by attaching to the rim. They are sold individually through gashapon vending machines in Japan. A Disney Princess series of five Putitto figures was issued recently by Ensky. Includes Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel. They measure about 4.5 cm long.

A Disney Villains series to be released soon! Evil Queen, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursala, and Jafar.

Snow White Furuta Gashapon Figures

Furuta Confectionery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of chocolate and candies in Japan. In the late 1990s-ealry 2000s, they issued a Snow White collection of nine tiny gashapon (vending machine) figures. Made of PVC plastic. "© Disney Enterprises, Inc."

These were part of the Choco egg series. They came packaged in paperboard boxes. Inside each was a foil-covered Choco egg (hollow egg-shaped hard chocolate). Inside this was a smaller plastic capsule. Inside this were figure pieces and the paper instructions. Each character would then need to be assembled to create the set seen below. One figure per egg.

Images and info courtesy of the Cheryl Ridge Collection.

See lots more Snow White gashapon figures in an upcoming Archive entry.