Thursday, July 30, 2015

''Whistle While You Work'' Bangle by Alex and Ani

Seen online at the Disney Store in the summer of 2015, this Snow White bangle by Alex and Ani was created especially for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Enamel cloisonné ''Whistle While You Work'' charm, plus "Energy", "Made with Love", and "Recycle" charms. Available in Antiqued Rafaelian gold or silver finish. Retail $44.95.

 Item No. 7501055890069MS.


A second set of Alex and Ani Bangles appeared online in early August 2015. These two were created especially for the resorts. Metal Snow White charm in bas relief. Available in choice of gold or silver finish. Measures .75" in diameter. Retail $39.95.

Item No. 7501055890100MS.

Stock images copyright Disney Store.

2015 Pandora Snow White Jewelry

In the spring of 2015, Pandora released a collection of charms at the theme parks and the Disney Store. Snow White was among the many available pieces.

Dress Charm. Sterling silver/enamel. ''Snow White'' engraving on ball. Retail $65.00.

Item No. 7501055890032P.

Apple Charm. Sterlng silver apple with red enamel. Three bead-set dark green cubic zirconia. Retail $70.00.

Item No. 7501055890033P,

Tiara Charm in sterling silver with engraving "Snow White" on the bail. $55.00.

Item No. 7501055890034P.

Signature Color Charm. Red fluorescent Murano glass with sterling silver core. $45.00.

Item No. 7501055890035P.
Stock images copyright Disney/Pandora.

These charms are also found on the Pandora website.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2012 Cutesations Villains Plush Dolls

In August 2012, the Cutesations series of 5" plush dolls were seen online at the Disney Store. A mystery collection of Disney villains, they were sold in single-pack "blind boxes" so the purchaser would not know what plush they were getting until opened. Eight different villains in all including Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursula, Jafar, Hades, Dr. Facilier, and the Old Hag. Polyester. Retail $6.50 each.

The Old Hag...
Item No. 1259039300005P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

The other villains...

Also available was the Disney Villains Series Complete Set with Cutesations Plush Tree. Retail $79.50.

Item No. 1259039300006P.

Seven Dwarfs "Gem Stone" Beanies

Set of Seven Dwarfs bean bag plush dolls, from several years ago. Each holds a pick axe in one hand and a "gem stone" in the other. Measure approximately 8". Name embroidered on hat. Retail $8.50 each.

Images via paulndonna.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1990s Complete Snow White Beanie Plush Set

A set of Snow White bean bag plush dolls were produced circa 1990s. They measure approximately 8" to 11". Made exclusively for the Disney Store and Disney theme parks. Each sold separately. Original retail $6.

Identical looking dwarfs were sold as a set inside a plush Jewel Cart, available exclusively from the Disney Catalog in 1997. Retail $48.

Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

1993/1995 Disney Catalog Plush Dwarfs

In 1993, a set of plush dwarfs was sold in the Disney Catalog (and at the theme parks). Retail $10 each or all seven for $63.

From the 1995 Holiday Disney Catalog, another set of plush dwarfs. Measure 10" tall. Retail $15 each.

The Dopey sneakers and the Snow White tree-topper appeared in earlier Archive entries.

Catalog image scans courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Large Round Snow White Tin

Although no content labels are visible on this tin, it probably once housed theme park candy, cookies or cake. I picked it up for a good price on ebay in December 2012. It likely dates from the previous decade.

The lid illustration displays the classic Snow White pose with the princess sitting on the ground while holding a dove on her finger. The tin's a good large size, measuring 11.25" in diameter.

The only imprint is "© Disney" along the side panel. The outside circumference is long enough to allow all seven of the dwarfs to encircle the tin no less than three times.

Images from the Filmic Light Collection.