Friday, July 10, 2015

1975 Snow White Vinyl Lunchbox by Aladdin

A white Snow White lunchbox. Manufactured by Aladdin Industries, Inc. in 1975. Made of vinyl with plastic handle and metal components. Came with a matching plastic thermos with orange lid.

Printed on the bottom panel is "Aladdin Industries Incorporated, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 U.S.A. ©".

The thermos is identical to the one issued with the 1975 metal lunchbox.

Also see other Snow White lunchboxes by Aladdin:


  1. I had a vinyl lunchbox right around this same time that featured the Peanuts characters on it (actually, I still have it!) It always felt like the vinyl was just covering pieces of heavy duty cardboard. I definitely preferred the metal lunchboxes over these.....they were much more durable.

    1. Agreed Tokyo. I always prefer the metal over plastic.