Tuesday, July 7, 2015

1938 Jingle Club - Advertising & Merchandising Book

To encourage bread companies to get on board with the Snow White Jingle Club promotion of 1938, Disney's marketing expert Kay Kamen prepared a guide book, Advertising and Merchandising Campaign for Bakers. Softcover, 42 black and white pages. Measures 8.5" x 11".

According to Hake's...
This highly detailed book is filled with many photos and illustrations thoroughly detailing this special promotion. Among the items shown are specialty packaging for baked goods, metal lunch kits, signs, window streamers, buttons, masks, costumes, animated displays, clothing, etc., as well as much information on the Jingle Club and its related premiums.

Front cover.

Ads and hand bills for Snow White Bread and the Jingle Club.

Balloons, Buttons, and Masks. These promotional items were used by bread companies (and other businesses too) for special events and give-aways. The button was to be worn by routemen and sales clerks.

An Snow White banner is seen on the side of the pretty awesome bread truck.

Lightweight sweaters and caps to be worn by the bread salesmen and clerks. They were produced by the Norwich Knitting Company in Norwich, New York.

Images via Hakes.

This is a fantastic book with many rare items. Unfortunately, we only get to see these seven pages that were posted online for a Hake's auction back in 2007. If there are any serious collectors out there who might be willing to provide scans of this important and informative piece of Snow White memorabilia, please contact us. We'd love to share this book in-full with other enthusiasts.

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