Saturday, July 4, 2015

1938 Snow White Jingle Club - Pin Back Buttons

This "member" pin-back button was a give-away item in the Snow White Jingle Club promotional bread campaign, "© 1938 W.D. Ent." Measures 1.25" across.

The reverse side has a backpaper illustration of Mickey Mouse extending a friendly hand. Imprinted with "Walt Disney Enterprises - Kay Kamen Ltd." Kay Kamen is noted as Disney's "sole representative" during this period.

A second, less common button was also issued. Same size, no illustration. Manufactured by Western Badge Company as indicated on the backpaper.

For the collector, it's important to be aware that a near-identical reproduction of the first button has also been released into the market. Same dimensions and illustration, except the lines appear fatter with a loss of detail. Some areas are filled in completely, as seen in the dwarf on the right. Note his nose and fingers. The copyright imprint also reads, "© 1938 W. Disney" instead of "W.D. Ent". Plus on the reverse side, there is no backpaper.

Comparison of original button and the reproduction.


  1. Thank you for this great article- being able to tell the original and reproduction apart is so helpful. I had to go check mine to make sure I had the right one.

    1. So glad you have the original. I have the it before I knew the difference.