Friday, June 30, 2017

Just Toys - "Bend-Ems"

In the 1990s, Just Toys Inc. produced the Bend-Ems series of bendable Disney character figures. The Secret Treasures Bend-Ems were a special sub-group in this collection that included a "secret" compartment in the bottom half of the figure. It could be accessed with a toy key.

Item #12419 Snow White.

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Just Toys - "Talk-Ems"

Talk-Ems are another series of figures from Just Toys Inc. Made from vinyl with bendable rubber-like materials. Includes a sound box in the base. A button on the back activates audio phrases. A Snow White and Grumpy figure were issued. Sold separately.

Item # 22021 Snow White. Measures about 4.5" tall.

Item # 22023 Grumpy.

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Just Toys - "Wind-Ems"

Just Toys Inc. produced a series of Snow White plastic figures in the early 1990s that were called Wind-Ems. Each had wheels on the bottom and a small wind-up knob on the side to propel the piece forward. Copyright The Walt Disney Company.

Item #21020 Snow White. Stands approximately 4" tall. In addition to rolling across the ground, she also moves her arms up and down.

Item #21021 Doc. Arms and eyes move up and down.

Item #21023 Dopey (in mine cart). Gems bob up and down.

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Just Toys - "Talk 'n View Magic Mirror"

The Snow White Talk 'n View Magic Mirror from Just Toys, Inc. Made of plastic. A push-button activates both audio and visuals. Dates from circa 1992.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Snow White Thanksgiving Greeting Card by Hallmark

A Snow White Thanksgiving card for "Granddaughter". Embossed cover. Measures 5" x 7". Manufactured by Hallmark. Probably dates from last few years.

Cast-Member "Star Performer" Bronze Medallions

Numerous incentive programs exist within the Walt Disney Company to encourage cast members to elevate their work performance. At the Disney Reservation Center for Walt Disney World, a quarterly "star performer" awards system has been in place for many years. There are four levels to shoot for: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the highest being Platinum.

Pins were used as awards up until 2008. The explanation for how the program operated can be found on pinpics, paraphrased here...
For each quarter that a cast member achieved the incentive requirements, he/she would receive a pin. Only a handful of awards were given out to the top performers. First an S, then a T, an A, and finally R. The following year, the process started over.

The letter S pin featured either Goofy or Daisy. Pluto was on the T. Tinker Bell or Mickey alternated on the A (the letter was represented by a star), and the R had either Donald or Jiminy Cricket.

This Tinker Bell is the Gold Star award. Used from 2006-2008.

 Pin image via AlicesHouseOfTreasures.

In 2008, the pin portion of the program ended and was replaced by medallions. Snow White showed up in the fourth quarter of 2013. She's pictured on the face of a coin celebrating the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. The package illustration depicts the artist rendering of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


Other medallions from the past few years:

  • 2012 Bronze - Space Mountain (Disneyland Resort Travel Services Company - DRTSC).

  • 2013 Bronze, Second Quarter - New Fantasyland Dumbo (WDW Disney Reservation Center).

  • 2014 Bronze, Second Quarter - Sleeping Beauty (WDW Disney Reservation Center).

"Monti Carlo" Snow White Figurines

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs figurines. Made of polyresin (but with a porcelain-like feel). Muted colors. The princess holds a rose and leans against a tree stump. Base is dark cherrywood. A metal plate on the front edge reads Monti Carlo...Italy Style. She measures approximately 13" high, the dwarfs range between 6" to 7". Made in China.

Base plate: Monti Carlo...Italy Style

Oddly enough, an identical figurine has been seen online but with a base plate that reads, Monti Laide...Italy Style.

The Dwarfs.

I don't know much about the origin of this set. My guess is that it's patterned after the Giuseppe Armani fine porcelain pieces that were created between 1993 and 2003. See his Snow White work in earlier Archive entries.