Monday, June 12, 2017

1965 Snow White Show'N Tell Picturesound Program

The Show'N Tell picturesound program was manufactured by General Electric. A wide range of children's stories were available including  a Disney series. Each story was sold separately and included a 33⅓ rpm 7" record, plus a slide strip called a Show Film key. They were designed to work with GE's photo-viewer record player. As the record played, the image on the screen automatically switched to the next frame. Snow White was catalog no. WD-105. Copyright marking: © MCMLXV.

The record disc is tucked into an inner pocket, and the Show Film key has its own slot on the flap.

Snow White story on side A.

Side B features Who Brought the Spring.

Back cover.

Image scans via the Filmic Light Collection.

The Show Film key is slid into the slot on the photo-viewer record player. The image would project on the screen while the record told the story.

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