Monday, January 1, 2018

Snow White Sabbatical

Image copyright Disney's Official Snow White Facebook page, February 2016.

After eight intense years of sitting in front of this computer, researching and archiving, I have decided to take an extended "sabbatical" from the Filmic Light. It has been an immense amount of work, yet a real pleasure too. What a remarkable opportunity this endeavor has afforded me, to connect with so many interesting and wonderful people from all over the world.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those generous individuals who contributed to this Snow White project. Without you, there would be no archive. Thank you also to everyone who followed the posts and shared their support and encouragement. You truly kept me going. If the opportunity should arise, I will return at some point to continue the documentation. But for now, I am content with what we have accomplished.

There will always be a place in my heart for Snow White. This character that Walt Disney brought to the big screen is the perfect embodiment of truth, beauty, kindness, and above all, innocence. Today, she is every bit the universal beacon of light--the filmic light--that she was back in 1938 when the world was on the brink of global hostilities.

The story is universal--the Prince and the Princess, the masculine and feminine, these two opposites that reside in each of us. When in harmony, they operate as a whole. What could be more powerful than to take action out in the world and all the while see it through the purity of childlike innocence?

If I've learned anything from doing this work, it's that the kindness found within in the Snow White spirit is still very much alive and well in the people of the world today--despite what we might hear to the contrary.

Be resilient...and remember to keep a yodel in your heart.


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