Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vile Villains Halloween Candy

On May 31, 2013, the Jelly Belly Candy Company announced a new special edition line of their gourmet jelly beans--the Disney Vile Villains Candy Packs featuring Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Captain Hook, and the Evil Queen. They began shipping to stores as early as July so as to be available for Halloween sales.

Each villain package weighs 1.2 ounces and contains her (or his) own assortment of jelly beans. The Queen's Evil Apple Mix is made up of green apple, red apple and sour apple. Note: We first saw this Queen-at-cauldron artwork in 2009 at Disneyland on park maps and banners during Halloween.

  • Treasure Chest Mix: berry blue, berry smoothie, orange sherbet, tutti-fruitti and very cherry.
  • Cruella Collection: coconut, very cherry and wild blackberry.
  • Lost Souls Mix: berry blue, berry smoothie, blueberry, island punch and sour grape.

Candy pack images courtesy of

The display box holds 24 packages. Evil Apple shared a caddy with Treasure Chest; Cruella was packed with Lost Souls.

Stock image copyright Jelly Belly/Disney.

2013 Halloween Greeting Card

Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and the Evil Queen. "Bad girls have more fun..." Found this Hallmark Halloween card yesterday at Walgreens.The off-kilter border and runny black lines are nice touches.

Standard size card. Came with orange envelope. Retail $2.99.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Old Witch Journal

Witch on cover. Lined paper inside. Spiral-bound. Image and text courtesy of guest contributor Kurt Raymond...
This "Old Hag" journal was designed by Disney licensee Michel & Co. I believe they contracted with the Disney Company throughout the 1990s. Their focus was on character die-cut photo frames, scrapbooks, plaques, snowglobes, novelties, and even pins and stickers. Their biggest license was for Winnie-the-Pooh, but they of course had others as well.

See a Snow White journal by Michel & Co. in another Archive entry.

2011 Witch Jumbo Pin

The "Evil Stepmother Snow White Jumbo Pin" was released October 17, 2011 and was only available from the Disney Store online. Limited Edition of 350. Measures 2.5'' x 2''. Retail $16.95.

Item No. 6763036280075P. 

The backstamp has the usual markings plus the text,"Halloween 2011".

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Contemporary 'Snow White' Halloween Masks

Earlier this year, a number of Halloween-themed Disney masks were spotted online at various UK-based websites. Like most paper masks, they come with eyeholes and are secured to the face with an attached elastic band. One seller is offering them for £3.49 a piece.

An officially licensed series, the Snow White gang is represented by the Old Witch, Evil Queen, and the princess herself. (Also available are vampire Mickey, witch Minnie and wizard Donald.)

To see similar but vintage Snow White paper masks, check out the earlier Archive entries on the Whitman Mask Book and the PAR-T-MASK Set by Einson-Freeman Co.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Snow White Halloween Costumes for Girls

When it comes to children's Snow White Halloween costumes, you might think they're pretty much all the same. After all, how many different ways can you reinvent this iconic dress? The answer is--hundreds! Here's just a few of the many and varied designs that have been produced.

Snow White Costume for Girls. Online at the Disney Store, August 2013. Retail $44.95. Tiara, shoes and light-up wand all sold separately.

2013 promotional image from Disney Store online.

US Disney Store Item No. 2826041407128M.


Snow White Fancy Dress Costume with Hair Band. Seen online at the UK Disney Store, summer/fall 2012. Retail £30.00. Pay an extra £4.95 and get a personalized satin sash.

UK Disney Store Item No. 2802045240020M.


Snow White Deluxe Fancy Dress Costume. UK Disney Store 2012. Original retail £50.00. Personalized sash available with this one too.

Item No. 2802017500039M.


Snow White Reversible Fancy Dress Costume. UK Disney Store 2012. Turn from princess into scullery maid and back again. Retail £30.00.

Item No. 2802009840019M.


Snow White Costume for Girls. Summer/fall 2012, US Disney Store. Price $44.50. Snow White Headband, Light-Up Shoes, and Light-Up Wand each sold separately.

US Disney Store Item No. 2826041406032M.


Snow White Costume for Girls, early 2013. US Disney Store. Retail $44.50. Accessories sold separately.

Item No. 2826041407059M.


An outfit for little tykes was spotted at Toys R Us, August 2012. $32.99. And another from spring, 2013. $19.99.


If you were to search the web for all officially licensed Disney Snow White kid costumes, you'd literally find hundreds. Add to this those sold through independent modistes and cosplayers, and the number skyrockets. Here's just a small sampling of what's actually available for purchase in 2013 from a wide range of online sellers.

Stock images copyright Disney and respective retailers.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 E.L.F. Villain Cosmetics at Walgreens

Last year, E.L.F. Cosmetics issued a limited edition Disney Villains Collection exclusive to Walgreens (see earlier post). Now their new 2013 line was released this past September and is currently available at select store locations. Ursula joins Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and the Evil Queen in packaging that sports watercolor-style artwork. The collection also includes several other brands too. All are sold separately at $9.99 a piece (except for the eyelashes and ponytailers which run $7.99).

Nail art kits produced by KISS.

Cosmetic bags from SOHO.

12-piece nail polish set by E.L.F.

The Villain "Look Book" from E.L.F. features 1 eyelid primer, 6 eyeshadows, 1 brightening eyeliner, 1 liquid liner, 1 mascara, 1 lip color and 1 eyeshadow brush.

Lash collection by Ardell.

7-piece ponytailer set by Scunci.

Scunci image via Beauty Geek.