Thursday, August 30, 2012

1963 French/English 'Snow White' Records DQ-1237 & DL-3504

Walt Disney Presents Songs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in French and English was issued in 1963. Disneyland Record label. Recorded by Walt Disney Music Co. Printed in USA. Catalog no. DQ-1237. Vinyl 12" disc, 33⅓ rpm. This is a dual language LP featuring five Snow White songs in both French and English
The English version features the Adriana Caselotti recordings from the original movie soundtrack. The French songs are covers of the originals. They are sung by Christiane Legrand who first released them in 1962 on the Le Petit Ménestrel label, catalog no. 45 vs 556 (seen in another post). 

Above images courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.


The record was issued again as catalog no. DL-3504. Th sleeve notation still reads "© 1963 Walt Disney Productions." The big update to this record is the addition of the totally unrelated "Happy Wanderer in Europe" tunes on second side. To make room, the last two Snow White songs were dropped.

Special thanks to Colin Cameron for donating this record to the Filmic Light Collection.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1993 Dwarfs Bus Stop Poster

This Seven Dwarfs poster was recently sold online by Matt of Vintage Disney Alice in Wonderland. He was thinning down his collection and listed a few cool items on ebay. I took a shot at it but was outbid in the end.

The poster dates from the 1993 US theatrical release of the film. Measures approximately 4' x 6'. Here's what Matt had to say about it...
These were strictly issued for display in bus shelters. They are made of a very thick coated paper that is weather resistant. The image may have been used on other promotional material, but this specific poster style and size only appeared in shelters.

I got mine in LA in 1993, I had a friend who worked for the maintenance company that services the shelters in Los Angeles County, and he would get posters for me when they were switched out.

July 2. At Theatres Everywhere


In this second example, the poster is identical to the one above except for the slightly lower placement of the text along the bottom.

Additional image via Heritage Auctions.

This same Dwarf illustration reappeared in 2001 on one of the DVD home video Gift-With-Purchase pins.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Evil Queen Doll

The Evil Queen is one of the six 2012 Disney Villains Designer Dolls. Each is a limited edition of 13,000 and retails for $79.50 (USD). Made of vinyl, they all measure 11.5" tall.

Item No. 6070040908253P

The dolls have not yet been issued on an individual basis, but the released dates are now known. Maleficent will be the first, in stores September 10th and online on the 11th. The Evil Queen follows suit the next week, September 17th and 18th.

This schedule banner was posted on the Disney Store website when the Villains webpage went live on August 20th...

For those who wanted the full set, the US Disney Store offered a pre-order also on August 20th, but they sold out within about an hour of their release. Each customer was limited to one set per order. Retail price $477.00 (USD). The successful buyers will still have to wait, though. The dolls won't be shipped until October 15, 2012. Certificate of Authenticity included with each Villain.

A similar offer appeared on the UK Disney Store site and as of this writing, the dolls are still available!

UK Disney Store Banner

The limited edition size for this full collection is listed at 350. Retail price £300.00 (GBP). UK guests are allowed 2 sets per order. In addition, a Villains gift bag is included with each doll. (These bags will be available free in September to US customers but only those who purchase their dolls individually.)

The full collection...

Pre-Order Set via US Disney Store
Item No. 6070040908256P

Pre-Order Set via UK Disney Store
Item No. 411045168721P

Maleficent and Ursula

Queen of Hearts, Mother Gothel, Cruella de Vil
Stock images copyright Disney.

And that's a wrap for this series of posts on the 2012 Disney Villains Designer Collection.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Evil Queen Tees

Disney Villains Evil Queen Tee for Women. Gold and red rhinestud accents. Scoop neck. 75% polyester, 25% cotton burnout fabric. Retail price $34.50 (USD). Available now from the Disney Store.

Item No. 2001045060587M

Long Sleeve Disney Villains Evil Queen Tee for Women. Screen art inspired by the storybook prologue to the film. Red foil accents. 100% cotton. Retail $39.50. Available.

Item No. 2001045060629M

The Evil Queen takes center stage with Ursula and the Queen of Hearts behind on this Long Sleeve Disney Villains Tee for Women. Rhinestud artwork. 50% polyester, 38% cotton, 12% rayon triblend jersey fabric. Retail $44.50. Available.

Item No. 2001045060583M

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Scarf

2012 Designer Collection Evil Queen scarf. Gray with black filigree patterns. Made of 100 % silk and lined with black fringe tassels. It's 66" long x 25'' wide. Retail $69.50. Available.

Item No. 2092048500595P

Stock images copyright Disney.

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Cosmetics

Compact Mirror--

The 2012 Disney Villains Designer Collection continues with this oval silver mirror. The front cover sticker features the Evil Queen along with the Queen of Hearts and Ursula. Double mirror, spring clasp. Measures 2'' across. Retail price $16.50 (USD). Available now at the Disney Store.

Item No. 2092055270593P

Lip Gloss--

This three-piece set includes Evil Queen plum, Cruella De Vil red, and Queen of Hearts beige; .24 fl oz. bottles. Retail $24.50. Just became available online yesterday.

Item No. 2092048350591P

Nail Polish--

Villains Varnish Nail Polish Set. Bottles hold 5 ounces each. Retail $29.50. Just became available online yesterday.

Six colors: Devilish Diva, The Real Fairest of Them All, Original Goth, Forever Young, Fashion's Wild Card, and Stylish Sea Witch.

Item No. 2092048350590P


Six-Color Eye Palette and Eyeliner. Retail $29.50. At the time of this writing, it's not yet listed online.

Stock images copyright Disney.

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Jewelry


Also part of the 2012 Disney Villains Designer Collection is this Black Crystal Poisoned Apple Snow White Ring by Disney Couture. Black pavé crystal with green enamel leaf, platinum plated. Inside reads, ''Make a wish and take a bite!'' Retail $39.50. Available.

Item No. 2092047220580M


A dagger through the heart secures the Evil Queen's Heart Box Snow White Bracelet by Disney Couture. Three layers of yellow gold, hematite and oxidized silver-plated chains. Crystals, faceted heart, and apple charm with ''Disney Couture'' label. Measures 7" long. Retail price $69.50. Available.

Item No. 2092047220581P.
Stock images copyright Disney Store.

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Bags

Cosmetics Bag--

The 2012 Disney Villains Designer Collection Cosmetics Bag unites the Evil Queen once again with Ursula and the Queen of Hearts. Sequined exterior. Inner lining of magenta filigreed cotton fabric. Wrist strap zip closure. Measures 7.75" wide x 5.5" high. Retail $19.50. Available.

Item No. 2068048420592P


This women's sequined wallet is gussied with the Evil One and Cruella on one side and Miss Hearts and Maleficent on the other. Lined cotton interior; snap closure. Measures 3.74'' high x 8.25'' wide. Retail $29.50. Available.

Item No. 2068048420589P

Tote Bag--

The sequined Disney Villains Tote Bag features the Evil Queen once more with Ursula and the Queen of Hearts. Snap closure, two external pockets, and an interior zip pocket. Bag is 13.75" x 13.75'' and 6'' deep with 10" handles. Retail $44.50. Available.

Item No. 2068048420588P
Stock images copyright Disney.