Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Villains Designer Collection - Evil Queen Doll

The Evil Queen is one of the six 2012 Disney Villains Designer Dolls. Each is a limited edition of 13,000 and retails for $79.50 (USD). Made of vinyl, they all measure 11.5" tall.

Item No. 6070040908253P

The dolls have not yet been issued on an individual basis, but the released dates are now known. Maleficent will be the first, in stores September 10th and online on the 11th. The Evil Queen follows suit the next week, September 17th and 18th.

This schedule banner was posted on the Disney Store website when the Villains webpage went live on August 20th...

For those who wanted the full set, the US Disney Store offered a pre-order also on August 20th, but they sold out within about an hour of their release. Each customer was limited to one set per order. Retail price $477.00 (USD). The successful buyers will still have to wait, though. The dolls won't be shipped until October 15, 2012. Certificate of Authenticity included with each Villain.

A similar offer appeared on the UK Disney Store site and as of this writing, the dolls are still available!

UK Disney Store Banner

The limited edition size for this full collection is listed at 350. Retail price £300.00 (GBP). UK guests are allowed 2 sets per order. In addition, a Villains gift bag is included with each doll. (These bags will be available free in September to US customers but only those who purchase their dolls individually.)

The full collection...

Pre-Order Set via US Disney Store
Item No. 6070040908256P

Pre-Order Set via UK Disney Store
Item No. 411045168721P

Maleficent and Ursula

Queen of Hearts, Mother Gothel, Cruella de Vil
Stock images copyright Disney.

And that's a wrap for this series of posts on the 2012 Disney Villains Designer Collection.


  1. I normally don't like the interpretive/modernization stuff of Disney characters, but these are actually pretty cool looking!

  2. The bags will be available for the US in stores only. They will be given to guests when they purchase their designer doll.

    I really like the Evil Queen. She reminds me of Regina from Once Upon a Time.

    1. Thanks. I will adjust the post to reflect the bag info.

    2. It's too bad US preorders won't get the bags this time around. =( I'd really like to get one, but I may have to order an extra doll in store to get a bag if I'm lucky enough to be selected in the drawing process. Do you have any plans on purchasing any?

    3. I'm considering it, but unfortunately, I'm way over my personal SW spending budget at the moment.